Metas Tourney Payment Program

Team Managers/Coaches can take advantage of the Tournament Payment Program, which takes the burden off one person paying the upfront tournament costs and/or having to collect checks and cash from parents. 

How it Works 

Step 1: Complete the team's tournament application through Affinity. If not available on Affinity, complete application through the tournament's website. (Do not make a payment - just save registration application).

Step 2: Fill out the below Tournament Payment Request Form and submit. 

Step 3: MetaSport will invoice the team's parents for the amount owed through an easy-to-use email payment request.

Step 4: MetaSport will make an online payment through Affinity (or the tournament's website) for the team's entry fee.


√  Please fill out Tournament Payment Request Form prior to tournament registration due date. A minimum of at least 10 days ahead of due date. If it is less then 10 days you will be required to handle registration yourself.

√  The program's goal is for MetaSport to pay for the tournament directly. If you have already registered and paid we are unable to invoice for the cost and reimburse you.

√  We will add a 6% fee to the player's invoice. This fee covers the "convenience fee" always charged by Affinity - or the tournament site - and the credit card transaction fee charged by our payment processor for handling online invoices and payments. So, if a player owes $50 for the tourney, the total cost is $53.

Tournament Payment Request Form

Example: 2005 Boys [Coach Name]
Your Name *
Your Name
Your Role with Team *
Deadline to Register for Tournament *
Deadline to Register for Tournament
Registration Application on Affinity? *
Have you completed the team's tournament application through Affinity?
If you didn't register through Affinity, what is the tournament website in which you have applied? And what is the Log in information for that account?
How much will each player be responsible for paying for the tournament? (include other fees below)
If applicable, cost per player for any additional tournament costs, such as coach's expenses, lodging, gas, etc.
It is club policy that all players rostered on the team are responsible for tournament registration fees. If for reason of financial hardship or if you have already found guest player replacement, willing to pay registration costs, you may list players here that you do not wish to invoice. This also Includes Multi- Roster children that are playing on another team for this tournament.
Please list name of each guest player (first and last) and parent contact info including email and phone number.