Meta Celebrates Girls in Sport on Feb 7

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All MetaSport girls teams and their coaches and parents are invited to take part in a MetaSport event to celebrate the 32nd Annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day at the Davis County Library on Feb. 7 from 7-8 pm.

Our special guest is Tanja Kari, a 10-time Paralympic Gold medalist in cross country skiing. Kari, from Finland, was inducted into the Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2010 and was recently inducted into the Finnish Sports Hall of Fame.

Tanja Kari, Paralympic Gold Medalist and Finnish Sports Hall of Fame inductee.

Tanja Kari, Paralympic Gold Medalist and Finnish Sports Hall of Fame inductee.

She moved to Salt Lake City after the 2002 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. Kari now runs the Therapeutic Recreation & Independent Lifestyles program for people with spinal cord injury at the University of Utah Health Care Rehabilitation Center.

Kari will participate in a Q&A session and talk about what inspired her to overcome challenges to reach unthinkable goals, and why she believes playing sports and being active can be one of the most important aspects of a girl’s life.


WHEN: 7-8 pm, February 7, 2018

WHERE: Davis County Library, Auditorium
133 Main St, Farmington, UT 84025

SPEAKER: Special Guest Tanja Kari, 10-time Paralympic Gold Medalist

√ Wear a MetaSport jersey or jacket
√ Write on a paper or a sign the name/picture of a female athlete or coach who inspires you the most!

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What is National Girls & Women in Sports Day?

Feb 7 is a day to celebrate the extraordinary achievements in girls’ and women’s sports and the positive influence athletic participation brings to their lives. NGWSD recognizes the ongoing effort towards equality and access for women in sports and the nation’s commitment to expand sport and participation opportunities for all girls and future generations. 

This year’s theme is Play Fair, Play IX . In just 37 words, Title IX ensures that students receive educational opportunities free from discrimination based on sex. It’s a short and simple law, but it has truly changed the game for girls and women in sports. Although Title IX has expanded opportunities for female athletes, many schools across the country still don’t provide equal opportunities for girls to participate in sports. Let’s do our part to make sure in our Meta community we continue to encourage our girls to stay in sport and have opportunities for equal play!

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