August 2019 Club News & Updates

Hello Meta Community,

This first week of school and the first week of Fall league games are in the books. It’s super busy and we appreciate everything you do to support your players, coach and team.

Here are a few important club updates and reminders:

Creating the Best Environment for Players

X-League Girls and Boys Soccer 9U-11U.jpg

Probably the hardest thing to remember as a parent of an athlete is that kids truly want to have fun in their sport and develop into a better player. As parents and coaches, we can start by supporting our kids by modeling great behavior on the sidelines and at home. Better players will emerge from better environments and it’s up to us to allow the players to experience the game, make decisions and work through challenges. To take these opportunities away from the player will rob them of their experience, fun and development. 

How to build better environments:

√  RSVP via the SportsEngine App. Help your coach plan better for trainings and games.

√  Avoid coaching your son/daughter or other players from the sidelines. It’s distracting to the player(s) and causes them to lose focus. It can be embarrassing for them too and could be in direct conflict to what the coach is instructing.

√  Cheer for the players and team!

√  Never talk to or yell at an opposing team’s player. 

√  Never yell or disparage a referee. Most are teenagers or adults doing this work because they want to support the game of soccer. Would you want to be yelled at or your teenager yelled at? 

√  On the car ride home, let your kid express their view of the moments of the game, their challenges and triumphs. Let them take ownership. Also, if they don’t want to talk about the game, no problem! They’ll engage with you when they’re ready.

√  If you’re frustrated or have questions about your player’s performance or the team, please talk to your coach. They want to help! Communication is key. Staying silent will only cause your frustration or situation to fester.

Learn More:
• Get great tips and resources for supporting your player at the Soccer Parenting Association website.
• Follow “Offside” by Brian Barlow on Facebook. It’s irreverent and not shy about calling out bad parent behavior in youth sports. 


Congratulations to ‘03 Player Taison Yoshida!

We are so excited to share the news that MetaSport player Taison Yoshida has been selected to the Top 18 Roster for US Youth Soccer Region IV 2003 Boys. This is a huge accomplishment that shows the character, determination and grit it takes to play at youth soccer’s highest levels. Taison will be competing with the Region IV team at two upcoming events: Boys Interregional in December in Florida and the Boys Italy Event in Rome in March. We are so proud of you Taison and your supportive family.


Meta Coach Chelsea Astle earns ‘C’ License

Chelsea Astle, Meta head coach for 2008 Girls and 2011 Girls, has earned her US Soccer Federation ‘C’ Coaching License, an up to three-month process consisting of on-site group training with ‘C’ candidates across the nation and at-home training and mentoring. With a state and national push to see more women coaching at the highest youth soccer levels and beyond, we are proud to support this effort and support Chelsea in her endeavors. Chelsea also has been instrumental in MetaSport’s PlayOn program for kids 6U-8U, now entering its second year in Davis County and Salt Lake Metro. Congratulations Chelsea!

Meta Director Britain Thomas earns ‘A’ License


USSF ‘A’ License
Britain is the founder of MetaSport, club director, 2005 and 2006 Boys coach, and 2002 Boys co-coach. He has recently completed his US Soccer Federation ‘A’ Coaching License. This grueling process can take up to a year to complete as it’s focused at the highest levels on coaching, training, leadership, and designing and managing performance environments for elite players. He becomes just 1 of 25 coaches in the state with an ‘A’ license. Britain will be sharing his knowledge as part of the Meta coaches training environment.

USSF Grassroots Instructor
Britain also has completed his US Soccer Federation Grassroots Instructor license, which certifies him as a USSF coach educator, facilitating licensing courses across the state and beyond. He becomes just 1 of 5 coaching educators in Utah.


MetaSport Girls Rock Nigh
All Meta Girls players, their coaches and parents, are invited to MetaSport Girls Rock Night at 6:30 pm on Sept. 5 at Legacy Events Center to cheer on the 2006 Girls team as they take on Park City FC. Learn More >>

• Always RSVP for trainings and games on your SportsEngine App - it’s critical in helping your coach and club plan and prepare the best learning environment for players.

• MultiSport Training and Pick-Up Futsal begins the first week of November.

• We’re looking to plan another Foot-Golf Tournament this year at the end of the fall season in October. It’s a blast! Watch for details. 

Pro Tip

Did you know that it’s actually called “OFFSIDE” not “OFFSIDES”? Impress your kid and others in-the-know by dropping the “S” when referring to this soccer infraction. You’ll be the envy of your friends (and coach). According to the Wiki, the word "offside" comes from a military term for a man trapped behind enemy lines, where he is said to be "off the strength of his side". Offside rules date back to codes of football developed at English public schools in the early nineteenth century.

Are you hooked? To learn more and up your chances at winning soccer Trivia, read this recent story from The Guardian, The Question: Why is the modern offside law a work of genius?

Tech Tip

Looking for a way to add a 2nd parent or guardian on your team's SportsEngine app? This is especially useful so a second parent or guardian can view the team schedule, RSVP to games and events, and message team members.


Add a Guardian from the Mobile App

Step 1: Log in to the SportsEngine mobile app.

Step 2:  Tap Account from the bottom menu.

Step 3: Select the athletes that the person will be a guardian for.

Step 4: Tap the Guardians tab.

Step 5: Tap the plus sign (+) or Add Guardians.

Step 6: Enter the new guardian's Email Address.

Step 7: Tap the Checkmark to send an invite to the guardian.

(The invited guardian will appear on the Guardians tab as Pending until they accept their invite in their Dashboard. You can resend a guardian invite at any time by tapping Resend next to the guardians name. You will receive an email when the guardian has accepted the invite.)

Add a Guardian for Multiple Athletes

When adding a new guardian, tap the toggle to the right of each athlete to add the person as their guardian.


Don’t Stress! Reach out to us.

Please know the club is here to support you. If you or your player has a challenge on the team or with your coach, we want to help. Reach out to MetaSport Director Britain Thomas or Coaching Director Junior Hoffman. Or simply shoot us an email at