What's new on MetaSportFC.com?

As MetaSport Futbol Club grows and our community continues to flourish, we're providing more information and resources for players, parents, and coaches on MetaSportFC.com.


A News Section

We'll post regular updates about upcoming deadlines, announcements, fun stuff, events, and player development education. You'll get most of this info through email, notifications, and social media, but we'll always post it on the homepage for quick viewing.



Team Pages and Weekly Email Updates

Team Managers and Coaches have been working hard to create Team Pages (found by clicking the Team tab) and get parents using the SportsEngine Mobile App. It can be a challenging effort to onboard more than 600 people to a new and club-wide platform - but we'll conquer it!

What's important?

√  We've asked Coaches/Team Managers to email a Weekly Team Update that keeps their players and parents in the loop.

√  Parents/Players - We need your help! Please download the SportsEngine Mobile App to get emails, RSVP to event/game updates, notifications and other cool stuff. Check out our handy How-To Guide for the Team Pages & Mobile App.

Multisport Play

See more about what inspired us to offer multisport training in the offseason and why it matters for our kids and our communities. Bookmark this page as we'll be updating it soon with specifics for winter multisport opportunities.

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Resources for Everyone

From parents and players to coaches and team managers, we have resources and guides to help you navigate the new season. You'll see new information in the navigation bar under Registration and Resources. Some highlights: