Multisport Training Program

MetaSport FC is proud to be one of the first elite soccer clubs to encourage and offer multisport play in the offseason. While soccer is a beautiful and dynamic sport, we believe that switching gears means less burnout, fewer injures, and a more complete and healthy athletic experience.

Our off-season winter months (November and December) is spent in a multisport facility where younger players can engage in basketball and volleyball training opportunities and in a pickup-style futsal game environment. Our high school-age players work on strength and conditioning and injury prevention.

Our players will have the opportunity to:

√  Develop different athletic qualities
√  Recharge their batteries
√  Rebuild their appetite for soccer

Multisport Mission

Our core mission is to develop the individual player. And that means keeping them in sports and activity for their lifetimes. Here is additional information that helped drive our decision to offer multisport training.

The Problem

√  Participation

Between 2008 & 2013, the U.S. has seen a significant decline in sport participation among 6-12 yr olds. More than 2.6 million fewer kids are playing in the top 6 mainstream sports. Soccer alone has seen a 10.7% decline.

√  Sports Culture

The hyper-competitive, win-at-all-costs super clubs, run like corporations, have dominated - often squeezing out families who want a more well-rounded approach to sports.

Those pushed out:

  • Late bloomers

  • Kids from lower-income families

  • Average-ability players

  • Over-served athletes- burnout, injuries

Multisport logo representing numerous sport

Why Sport Matters

Players shake hands during multisport training at MetaSport soccer club.

√  Active kids do better in life

Studies show that up to age 12, the focus should be on a child’s ability, confidence, and desire to play and be active – it’s the basis for their physical literacy.

√  Kids who play sports

  • Less likely to be obese

  • Up to 40% higher test scores

  • Less smoking, drug use & teen pregnancy

  • 15% more likely to got to college

  • Lower health costs in adulthood

  • Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes as an adult

All of these factors make for healthier kids, stronger families, and a better community. We believe we can make a change … by starting in our own backyard.

Sources: Sports and Industry Fitness Association; The Aspen Institute, Project Play