2019-20 SEASON: player birth years 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005

Tryouts for 12U, 13U, 14U and 15U teams are held each May and teams participate in Utah Youth Soccer Association’s Competition League.

With these age groups it’s a great transition time for players who continue to love and enjoy the game. Our goal here is developing a player's character, preparation, sportsmanship, and learning more advanced technical and positional play. We continue to teach players how to be contributors to the team objectives and emphasize Meta style of play.


Summer: Start training by mid-June, after tryouts, typically 2 times a week outdoor with some breaks around holidays.

Fall: 2-3 times a week outdoor, late August to mid-October


  • Our off season is November - December, where we offer optional multisport training and games in basketball and volleyball, as well as optional clinics. We believe that developing athletically means having a broad base of coordination and movement skill (plus it's fun to learn new stuff!) Learn more about our multisport opportunities and philosophy.

  • January - February are used for indoor prep time for the spring season and teams train 2 times a week.

Spring: 2-3 times a week outdoor, mid-March through mid-May.

Optional Clinics All Year: Technical & Movement, Speed & Agility, Shooting & Finishing, Goalkeeper trainings. These trainings are per age group, and give coaches of different teams a chance to teach, coach and develop relationships with all of the players in a specific age group or ability level. With 13U - 15U, we place more emphasis on High School Soccer Preparation with skill development, speed, agility, strength and injury risk reduction.

Where/When are Trainings?

  • Davis County teams train in Bountiful, Centerville, and Farmington.

  • SLC Metro teams train at 11th Avenue Park, Fairmont Park or Sugarhouse.

  • Training times/days: decided by the team coach with input from parents/players.

  • Winter indoor training & offseason multisport opportunities take place at the Utah Athletic Center in North Salt Lake.


Fall & Spring: The UYSA Competition League is 9v9 for 12U and 11v11 for 13U, 14U and 15U. Teams are aligned in a division based on their performance, or win/loss record.

The Fall season begins in late August or early September, running through mid-October. Mid-March marks the start of the Spring season that will run through mid-May.

Home game fields for Meta teams in Davis County are at Legacy Events Center and at 11th Avenue Park for SLC Metro teams.

* Some teams also opt to play a futsal league during the winter months. Player participation is optional.


12U - 15U teams attend one to two local tournaments during the summer and one to two in January/February in southern Utah. Sometimes a team will attend an out-of-state tournament as well. This is up to the coach's discretion. Costs for in-town tournaments are typically $30-$60 per player. 

Summer retreat

The Annual MetaSport Summer Retreat is optional for players 11U and up is a cool getaway with teammates to play tons of soccer, learn about nutrition, mindset, athletic movement, speed, agility and team building. Breath, eat, sleep soccer for 4 days, 3 nights. The overnight camp is held at a Utah college campus in July.


We emphasize the importance of each player's role on a team and we want Meta to be the best place to get a consistent soccer education! If some players and parents aren't ready to commit to trainings and game play, we can't build a great team and that's just not fair for the players and parents who did sign up to give it their all. 

  • Fall and Spring, at least 85% attendance at trainings and games.

  • Winter and Summer, at least 75% attendance at trainings and games. Many Meta kids play other sports during the winter and we want to support that effort.


MetaSport programs are comparable to or less than other clubs in Utah. The club fee to participate per month averages $120 for 12U and $132 for 13U-15U. Utah Youth Soccer Association charges a separate amount to register your player with the state.

Once your player has committed to a Meta team, at registration you have the choice to pay the total club fee upfront and receive a discount, or we offer an affordable monthly payment plan.

What does this fee cover?

√  10 months of the year you get 10-12+ trainings a month with your team as well as optional additional trainings.

√  2 months of the year your player gets to try basketball, volleyball and participate in pick up futsal games. Older kids have specialized athletic training in preparation for high school play.

√  Extra strength and conditioning sessions, goalkeeper training, finishing clinics, speed and agility clinics.

√  Team-based indoor training from January through March.

√  Quality Training & Coaching: our coaches participate in weekly online coaches education and training.

√ Indoor and outdoor facility costs and administration costs.

Two Utah players training in 12U-15U boys competitive soccer program.

Two Utah players training in 12U-15U boys competitive soccer program.

MetaSport 12U girls competitive soccer team in Davis County
14U MetaSport boys team celebrates goal-winning game.