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Common Questions and…


+ What is MetaSport Futbol Club? ...

MetaSport Futbol Club is a Utah elite soccer club supporting nearly 40 youth soccer teams in Davis County and additional teams in the Salt Lake City metro area. We host annual tryouts for our Academy and Competition teams in late May and first week of June. Plus, we have player placements for 6U-8U in the PlayOn! program.

Britain Thomas, a long-time coach and administrator in Utah youth soccer, is the Founder and Club Director. We are proud to share the experience of over 25 licensed coaches and trainers. MetaSport has an experienced Board of Directors and is recognized as a US-registered 501c3 nonprofit.

+ What's up with the name MetaSport? ...

At its basic, meta means above or beyond. Boom - that's pretty simple! But peel back a few more layers and meta also means a change or transformation. This is fitting for our club. We aim to provide players with the training and mentorship to help them transform into extraordinary players - and people.

+ What programs do you offer? ...

We host tryouts for competitive soccer teams for all age groups, plus we have a development program for players 6U-8U called PlayOn! We host various extra trainings throughout the year including speed & agility, strength & conditioning, shooting clinics, technical and ball mastery clinics, goalkeeper training, and a Summer Retreat overnight camp. We are the first elite soccer club in Utah to provide and encourage multisport training during the off season in November and December. SEE ALL META PROGRAMS >>

+ What is the Multisport Program? ...

MetaSport is proud to be one of the first elite soccer clubs to encourage and offer multisport play in the offseason. While soccer is a beautiful and dynamic sport, we believe that switching gears means less burnout, fewer injures, and a more complete and healthy athletic experience. LEARN MORE about what drives our commitment to offer multisport training.

+ Are Meta teams competitive? ...

Yes! We don’t believe that a focus on individual player development and multisport training are mutually exclusive from elite and successful competitive play. In fact, we think it makes players and teams even better.

Meta teams range from premier to mid-level divisions, with many of our players selected for UYSA’s State Select teams (formerly known as the Olympic Development Program). Other Meta players participate in additional competitive sports, such as basketball, track, dance, skiing, flag football and baseball. Older Meta teams travel to and qualify for out-of-state tournaments, we offer an off-site Summer Retreat for intense training and fun team building, and our PlayOn! program for U6-U8 kids focuses on short-sided play - no standing around, no waiting and way less driving.

+ What's special about Meta coaches? ...

All Meta coaches are licensed and have been coaching for years, with many playing elite and at the collegiate level. We also spend a significant amount of time on education. Meta coaches have access to weekly online training modules that we create in-house. Coaches use the education to help create training scenarios that focus on individual development so players learn how to react in different environments, thus preparing them for the best decision-making during games.

And unlike some youth sports, we aren’t defined by yelling and out-of-control coaching. Rather, Meta coaches strive for displaying a great respect of the game, the referee, the players, the opposition and the parents.

+ Where is the club based? ...

MetaSport is based in Davis County with some additional teams in the Salt Lake City metro area. We are an associated club within the League 30 organization. We compete in the Utah Youth Soccer Association Gaming League, Region 2 Academy League (Morgan, Davis, Weber County) and the X-League.

+ When and where are trainings & games? ...

*Some of these details vary depending on league and division play.

• Summer, fall, spring training: twice a week (plus bonus tech and goal keeper trainings session for U9s and up).
• Davis County-based teams: train mostly at Centerville Park, and some teams in Bountiful and Farmington.
• Salt Lake-based teams: training locations at 11th Avenue Park and Sugar House.
• Training times/days: decided by the team coach with input from participating players and parents.
• Winter training indoor (Jan.-March): twice a week at the Utah Athletic Center.
• Opt-in multisport training in volleyball and basketball and pick-up games in futsal, Nov.-Dec at the Utah Athletic Center.

• Outdoor seasons are in the fall and spring and will mostly be on Saturdays with week-day games as well. Tournaments can be throughout the year.
• Davis County-based teams: Home fields for games are at Legacy Events Center in Farmington.
• Salt Lake-based teams: Home fields for games are at 11th Avenue Park.

+ What are the club policies? ...

We don't believe in pages and pages of policies that read more like a pro contract instead of a youth soccer program. Instead, we outline basic policies and costs and ask our players and parents to demonstrate and learn their best in Respect, Enthusiasm, Technique and Soccer Intelligence. READ MORE >>